Refund policy

Returns and Exchanges
Changes and returns are only made for defective products at the time of product delivery, for this reason, the customer must make a thorough review of the products they receive and will only be exchanged for other products when the delivery has been completed if they are guaranteed.
When the return is for the user's own cause, it will be up to the user to cover the costs of domicile, as well as any difference in the sale price of the new product if it were to be presented.
 Exchange and Return Policies
Products must retain the original characteristics and must present the invoice.
If the change or return is the responsibility of the wrong choice at the time of placing the order, the customer must return the product in its packaging, sealed and without any damage and it will be up to him to make the respective payment of the new shipment.
For all changes, the invoice and your identification of the person making the purchase must be presented.
 Rights of Change and Cancellation
Grupo Famaco accepts changes and cancellation of orders. For this purpose, the user must contact the Customer Service Area within 30 minutes of assembly of the order, after this time has been fulfilled it cannot be cancelled or modified.