Privacy policy

The content or information embodied on this site corresponds to the company as such. If used by third parties, it will be legally proceeding with the entities due.

Purpose and Transfer of Data Usage

The data provided when making purchases will not be used or transferred for any other work other than strictly for the purchase and promotions that will be shared with you from Grupo Famaco.

User Rights of this Site

"The User" shall enjoy all rights granted to him by Honduras' consumer protection legislation, in addition to those granted to him in these terms and conditions. "The user" shall have at all times the rights of information and rectification of personal data. The mere visit of this site on which certain goods and access to certain services are offered does not impose any obligation on the consumer, unless he has accepted the conditions offered by the company, in the form indicated in these terms and conditions

Protecting Personal Data

By accepting the legal terms and conditions, the User indicates that he/she knows and authorizes in advance, Grupo Famaco so that his/her personal data can be stored and used in order to obtain an efficient communication in this process or activity and authorizes in the same terms, that such information can be processed in order to accept information about its products, services, offers, promotions, alliances, studies, contests and other content.
In the case of electronic payment or plastic money, it is understood that bank information data, such as credit or debit card number, dates, security codes, amounts, etc., are not stored by Grupo Famaco,since such information is recorded in the databases and secure sites of the banks involved in the transaction.
Grupo Famaco undertakes to use the mechanisms of collection of banks that are authorized by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance of Honduras (CNBS), as well as the responsibility of the Famaco Group merely demands that the bank comply with the minimum security measures for electronic commerce published by the CNBS, or the body responsible for the regulation.